Technical expertise in Waste recovery, Emission control & Safety

Your technical expert In pre-processing and treatment of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste (solids, sludge, liquids)

Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials (AFR)

Your technical expert In co-processing of AFR, from spent solvent to RDF and biomass

Flue Gas Cleaning

Your technical expert in Flue Gas Treatment (HCl, SOx, NOx, Heavy Metals, VOC’s & PCDD/F etc)


Your qualified level 1 prevention advisor, with a strong focus on process safety and specific risks related to waste and AFR’s

Industrial experience

... we like to share

ALTERLINE provides a strong technical expertise.

Our core competencies were acquired through a long experience in the industry, in leading companies such as Solvay, Keppel Seghers, Hamon Research-Cottrell or Holcim.

Our expertise is shared in a collaborative way with our clients.

We promotes environmentally friendly solutions supporting circular economy in a pragmatic and cost-effective approach.

Working with a broad network of partners, we can deliver integrated solutions, from waste sourcing and permitting to fine-tuning and industrial operation.

Our clients are industrial and engineering companies, public bodies, NGO's and citizen's groups.Adapting to your needs is one of our skills. Don't hesitate to contact us !


Your technical expert


Our clients includes (as 3rd party of CEMENTIS when their logo is added) :
Team member
  •  Policy and auditing tools for risks related to pre-processing of waste and co-processing of Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials [Both safety mgt, operational safety and design safety]
  •  Specific trainings
Team member
Various missions
  • VOC’s and HCl removal
  • Fire protection
  • Explosion protection
  • Specific optimizations for hazardous waste pre-processing
  • Lead of a R&D project (Minerve, production of liquid AF by copyrolysis)
Team member
Estimation of AFR potential in Egypt
  • Process definition for waste pre-processing and expected outputs
  • Process definition for AF co-processing
  • Waste pretreatment capex & opex estimations
  • AF co-processing lines capex & opex estimations
  • Calculation of the impacts of AF use on kiln process
Team member
Technical support
  • For waste qualification (waste selection, acceptance procedure, lab)
  • For co-processing of solid and liquid waste
  • For shredding of solid waste and pre-processing of liquid / sludgy waste
  • Development of a modular platform concept
  • Team member
    Technical support
  • Co-processing of biomass and SRF/RDF
  • Team member
    Due Diligence
    Team member
    Technical Expert
  • H2020 mi-term project evaluation
  • Team member
    Technical Expert
  • Development of pre-processing (MBT, SRF/RDF production) and co-processing in Tunisia
  • Team member
    Technical Support
  • Kiln process optimization & AFR development
  • Team member
    Technical Support
  • Kiln process optimization & Support for AFR development (pre-processing and co-processing)
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    Adaptation to your situation is one of our skills: don't hesitate to contact us !


    of Alterline, your technical expert and collaborator

    Alterline will be present at Cemfuels Berlin 2018 – Feel free to contact us for a meeting

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    Alterline was awarded 2d best proceeding in Cemfuels 2017 (Barcelona)

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    Alterline will be present at Pollutec Lyon 2016 – Feel free to contact us for a meeting

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